Hi David. Hi David!

Happy Halloween!   For us, we all decided to dress as our favorite person in the world. We could be something from celebrities to politicians. Coincidentally we all came in as David Pastre, even the studio mascot!   Today we had ITC. It was a workday for our lamp designs. Many of us are working [...]

The Muscles Pt. 2

The muscles took on Clemson homecoming this weekend. But before then, we spent our Friday continuing disassembling the mural wall, unloading materials for the formwork--  and beginning formwork for the piers. Although we didnt get it all down, we will be finishing that today! We got all the boards off, and are going to use [...]

The muscles.

This weekend was full of blood, sweat, and tears (of joy). This was the weekend we completed the frame for the Ardmore bridge. Friday, September 16, 2023.  Time: 1:00pm.  CDs for Singleton Park are on pause. We needed all hands on deck to complete the bridge by Sunday afternoon. It was crucial to divide and [...]


As the brilliant semester comes to a close, we now don't know what to do with ourselves. We are going to go from seeing each other 5 days a week, to not seeing each other at all. Depressing, we know. But thankfully we prepared for this. We started a summer bucket list that we intend [...]

Bringing the Drawings to Life

As the week comes to an end, the Frierson group is working to execute the prefabricated elements for the counter, bench, and door handles. Because of the long commute to the site, we are staying in the shop this week to precut and weld as many pieces as possible. It is crucial we start pre-assembling [...]

Can I speak to your manager?

This week I have been wrapping up some initial designs with my nonprofit, Amor Healing Kitchen. Amor recently moved to the old Kaminskys location in West Ashley. Here they have gotten more foot traffic and recognition from the surrounding neighborhoods who are curious about what they do. At this location, there is a side and [...]

Moving on up

After a long week of individual design, we have finally made it to Friday! Today is the day we are showcasing all of the hard work we have done over the past 2 weeks.  Everyone is presenting ideas from hand sketches to computer renderings, and even physical models. After today, we will move our designs [...]

Question Everything?

Today is the day we meet with all of the stakeholders for our newest project located at Eric Cornelius Singleton II Park! Our project is aimed to be a student garden for Meeting St. Academy which is located adjacent to our site. On Wednesday, we were lucky enough to be joined by Barry Yoakum who [...]