As the brilliant semester comes to a close, we now don’t know what to do with ourselves. We are going to go from seeing each other 5 days a week, to not seeing each other at all. Depressing, we know. But thankfully we prepared for this. We started a summer bucket list that we intend to complete by the end of summer.

Feel free to steal some of these ideas for your bucket list!

We brainstormed many ideas and even got a headstart on the list by attending Thirsty Thursday at the River Dogs game. Unfortunately, we got rained out when we went so our second attempt at Thirsty Thursday is in the works!

The calm before the storm
Ray #2 and Ray #3 happy as can be
the storm

Our next mission is to buy a boat! If you’d like to donate your boat/yacht for us to use this summer feel free to email me owidema@g.clemson.edu ! Otherwise, we will be convincing David to take us on his, which he seems to be open to!

We will keep you updated and will be sure to take hundreds of thousands of pics this summer.



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