Ray #3 Signing Off

Since yesterday’s photo was atrocious I had to find a better one. As we have finally wrapped up the semester and final documentation, the semester has come to a close. This week for studio was the final push wrapping up Ardmore. All the concrete is set and poured, and now we wait till next fall. The only thing left on our lists is repainting the door pulls for Frierson and cleaning up the woodshop.

This week we completed our reviews of our non-profit partnerships. I had a wonderful opportunity working with Chuck Smiley from Cuisine Rescue. He started his non-profit with the intention of rescuing wasted food in restaurants, grocery stores, and catering businesses and donating that food to other non-profits and shelters local to Charleston. Since April of last year, Chuck has single handedly rescued over 24,000 lbs of food. Throughout the semester I have assisted Chuck with rebranding his website and assisting with food pickups. I hope to continue working with him throughout my time in Charleston.

Over the summer most of my classmates and I plan to stay within the Charleston area. My classmates Kevin, Kelsey, and I were asked to recreate Kevin’s Butterfly House for Kelsey’s non-profit organization CAYA. We are all super excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to get started. I hope to keep everyone posted over the summer with what we accomplish.

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