Studio with a Side of Oysters

Today we reconvened to discuss how we adapted our group designs to the site plan we chose. Each group came prepared with either a digital model, section sketches, or detail sketches. We all presented our ideas to the group and compared our ideas between the different options. After noting which aspects were more successful than [...]

Pencils down! Times up…

As we are a day away from our individual design presentation, everyone is knee-deep in pulling together their final iterations of this process. The trace paper is down and everyone is compiling their sketches and drawings together into a cohesive whole. As we fine tune our details, we are preparing our narratives and reasons behind [...]

Charrette Practice

As we have wrapped up our time at Frierson we are focusing on our site analysis for Eric Cornelius Singleton II Park. So far we've looked into the site conditions of the park as well as its history. Typically, the first steps for a design project is to analyze the conditions of the site such [...]