Studio with a Side of Oysters

Today we reconvened to discuss how we adapted our group designs to the site plan we chose. Each group came prepared with either a digital model, section sketches, or detail sketches. We all presented our ideas to the group and compared our ideas between the different options. After noting which aspects were more successful than others, we moved forward with delineating roles between groups. The First Group was to think through the overall programming and location of the sink and storage. The Second group was to think through the roof design and how it creates shade on the site. The third group developed site strategies and circulation ideas for how the school or other groups enter the site.

I chose to be a part of the second group developing the roof structure and operable systems. While three of my classmates focused on the design and structure of the roof, Olivia, Kelsey, and I explored some options of operable shading devices. We’re taking into account the format of the plan and what walls might need louvers during certain times of day. After determining the axis and organization of the plan we came to the conclusion that our structure could incorporate a system of sliding doors on certain wall faces with operable louvers on other wall faces, to control how much sunlight comes in during other parts of the day.

Following this discussion we all enjoyed an oyster roast with the other tenants of the cigar factory. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any photos. Too busy eating oysters…

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