Spring Break loading….. 50%

T-minus 3 days till Spring break! With the break being right around the corner we are all in full grind, as we have started schematic design. This will lead into our final design. Currently, we have broken into 3 groups of 5. Each group worked with each other Monday and came back together at the end of the class to find out we all drew the exact same plan. (I guess that’s a good sign!)

The project at the moment is looking like it will take the direction of being two pavilions. One main structure and a sub structure that supports the garden space. The corner of the site will be left to act as a landscape setting making the main points of entry from right before the corner on each side. This motions will be directed through both projects pavilions in the further iterations.

For Wednesday we are all coming back together with what our groups came up with. With these iterations we are hoping to look more at the structure in section than plan. Looking at the roof design and how this will play into making the space feel. My group has been focusing on making our roofs join on the same plain and gutter. In addition, we are designing our roofs to have a dual roof system.

After Wednesday we hope to hit the ground running with 1 design and hopefully tackle as much as we can before Spring break starts next week. I know this is going to be a much needed break for most. I plan on going to Chicago and exploring many of the museums and architecture the city has to offer.

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