Putting the Community in Community Build

This week called for all hands on deck to prepare for our final design review with our partners and our community outreach event. Like any review week, every minute was precious. Some students worked on mounting our design boards in the wood shop with spray adhesive right before the review. (It brought on a lot [...]

Day & Night

Architecture doesn't know the difference between day and night. This is especially true when working on a model the day before a review. I do not advise this, but sometimes that's how it is. We've made the most of it, though! The last month of the semester causes stress levels to increase and sleep to [...]

Spring Break loading….. 50%

T-minus 3 days till Spring break! With the break being right around the corner we are all in full grind, as we have started schematic design. This will lead into our final design. Currently, we have broken into 3 groups of 5. Each group worked with each other Monday and came back together at the [...]

Gherkin Hard or Hardly Gherkin

This week heads are down as we focus on our Individual design review coming up this Friday. For this review there are three main concept of placements of the pavilion: 1.) A centrally located main pavilion 2.) A main pavilion located on the top corners of the site 3.) Multiple locations of small structures (Above [...]

Week Ahead

Not too much has been going on since our last post. To recap, the studio is broken up into 3 teams for the site location/structure. Team one (T1) and team two (T2) are working on a single structure with T1 being in the center and T2 being adjacent to garden bed locations. Team Three is [...]

Operation Mock Up!

Over the weekend a few of our Studio V members where working in the shop to construct a mock up of our truss system. Mock Up 1: We began with a half-sized scale truss and went through all the steps it would take to fully construct our sandwiching of layers and members. Throughout this time [...]