What does a painter do when he gets cold?


This weekend we worked on completing the walls and operable doors. We have cut and painted all wood slats and we began painting the owl mural wall. Any wood slats that didn’t have a mural on them we painted a neutral color to match the wood.

We used David’s Projector to project the line work onto the door. This was done in the metal shop with the lights off so we could see the line work best and trace the lines.  After all the lines had been drawn we then indicated which color went where on our mural.


We started by painting all colors besides the black outline which we intend on doing last so we can make sure the mural looks nice and crisp. Some colors required more coats than others but for the most part each color required 3 coats of paint.

While this mural was being painted we had the rest of the crew moving all of our pre cut and drilled wood to site. We broke the loads up dependent upon which pavilion they correlated with.

This Saturday we also where able to unwind after a successful day of work, and enjoy some oysters and burgers while watching the Clemson game at David’s house. The highlight of the night was meeting his cute little doggo Poppy!!!!


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