Steady Rolling

Both crews (the one on site and the one in shop) have had productive work days. On site - We have most the gables standing (woohoo) and have begun hanging the belt lines that tie the gables together, laterally. We are officially beyond the threshold of hardest parts of the build portion. The structure stands [...]

Up They Go!

This weekend was a very productive weekend for the team. As mentioned before we have been split into separate teams, the site team and the shop team. This weekend the site team focused on putting up the remaining gables and installing part of the beltline. Saturday, we finished assembling the gables and then putting them [...]

The Waiting Game

Before we can move forward with the project we need to get some more wood. We are currently waiting on a large order of wood that will give us the materials we need to get this project up! The wood should be here by the end of the week. Once the wood arrives, we will [...]

Trick or Transit

On Monday there was a huddle to see where we are at from the weekend and formed a plan for the week ahead. It is time to order our next set of materials including the polycarbonate and wood for the storage units as well as the rest of the large(r) dimensional lumber. The large pieces [...]

Pour Galore

On Wednesday, our second round of concrete pours was completed. We reached site at around 9:00 AM and made one last walk-around of our form work and rebar in preparation for a 10:30 pour. This included tightening the bolts at the pencil rods of our trellis formwork and oiling the formwork at the large slab [...]

Slowly but Surely

With a productive weekend we kicked Monday off with a small crew consisting of Kyle, Amanda, Jerome and Johnny heading out bright and early to start preparing the trellis trench to finally get some formwork put in. This consisted of checking the trench's levels and flattening it out. Around class time the rest of the [...]

Divide and Conquer

Starting yesterday, we decided to work in groups on a shift basis to be efficient with our times. Crews were determined based on their class schedules yesterday. Several students had a meeting for a mentorship class between noon and 1.00. We kicked off the day with a crew starting to paint and another crew cutting, [...]

Ian’s Aftermath

Heading back to the site after Hurricane Ian was a soggy site to see, to say the least. Professor Pastre visited the site on Saturday after the storm passed to discover that while the tarps we set up in preparation held up, however, we did not account for the water that would swell up from [...]

Clock’s Ticking

Today we started studio with discussing the plans for next two weeks as we have the first concrete pour scheduled for last weekend of the month. After the discussion we split into different groups and started tackling down the list to do one after another. Storage group started to finalize their material for their structure [...]

Dividing Up

Today the group is splitting up. A few of the students are going to Frierson Elementary for class today, so they can begin painting the site lines for where the pavilion will be. We are doing this early so that when our documents get approved we can get straight to breaking ground. Exciting!! The rest [...]