The start to the semester

After the first week of the semester concludes and as the class gets to know each other, we still chugged along through the pandemic like business as usual.  Last Tuesday we had our orientation to kick start the semester. At orientation, we got ourselves familiar with the cigar factory, Charleston area, and the staff. Wednesday [...]

Finishing The Foundation

Hey Guys, As we begin to wrap up our semester we would like to thank all of you for following the development of our community build project this far. Yesterday we began to take off the formwork of the concrete that was poured last Friday. I can definitely say it pleased us to finally see [...]


Anyone who has seen the movie Holes (or read the book) knows that digging holes is hard work. Maybe Shia LaBeouf knows it best of all. As it turns out Studio V is also about to learn firsthand what it takes to dig some holes. After a successful day of spray painting the lines for [...]

Just A Little Stitious…

Happy Friday the 13th everybody, hope nobody is too superstitious about this day being bad luck seeing as how today marks the day where the studio begins to undergo major production for the bridge; finally.  The foundation group will be meeting this weekend to start constructing foundations for the bridge while the other groups continue [...]

The Plan is in Action!

Hey guys, How's your Thursday going? Things are going pretty well for our design-build project. Just yesterday we held a meeting with Jason Kronsberg the Director of Parks here in Charleston. The meeting was to inform him of our progress in developing the bridge for Forest Park as well as show him our budget, schedule, [...]

Redrafting and Revising

After our review on Monday with Cole and John, we've been back at the drawing board finalizing some structural details and connections. It was awesome to be able to talk to both of them about our designs, they gave us some really valuable insight on a lot of things we were a little uncertain on. [...]

Good Foundations.

Hello everyone and Happy Sunday! As you read from Shane's post yesterday we are really pushing forward in our respective teams. Team concrete is pushing hard to get a set of foundation plans for our structural engineer to examine.   We had a really productive day on Friday and were optimistic about the foundations when [...]

Spokey Dokey Artichokey

Y'all remember spokey dokeys right? The '80s and '90s evolution of the playing card in your bike spokes to make you go faster, sound cooler, and be super rad. We're all about the research into bike spokes as a design concept for our structural system and have done the deep dive into the evolution of [...]

Reframing the Picture

After an intense hands-on studio session on Monday our group is currently brainstorming ideas to rethink how we use bike frames in our design. Our goal of keeping the Bike as the center of our design focus has not changed, but we plan on using the movement of the bike wheel as our new focus [...]