Spring Break loading….. 50%

T-minus 3 days till Spring break! With the break being right around the corner we are all in full grind, as we have started schematic design. This will lead into our final design. Currently, we have broken into 3 groups of 5. Each group worked with each other Monday and came back together at the [...]

Gherkin Hard or Hardly Gherkin

This week heads are down as we focus on our Individual design review coming up this Friday. For this review there are three main concept of placements of the pavilion: 1.) A centrally located main pavilion 2.) A main pavilion located on the top corners of the site 3.) Multiple locations of small structures (Above [...]

MURAL MURAL on the wall

(above is an elevation view of what the mural will look like resting in-between the two column bays) With the PLI approaching quickly, the crew has been preparing the CDCC for the event. The studio has broken up into teams. The first one cleaning up around the center and woodshop. The second working towards making name [...]


Today, we worked on putting together our rafters. This required us to arrange all the pieces in a neat and orderly fashion so the process would go by smoothly. We had to take into account the placement of the head of the bolt, which we chose to face inside the pavilion as the nuts and [...]


Over the weekend we learned how to wire weld as well as use a grinder. Wire welding is a process of joining two metals using an electric current and gas. The current, gas, and wire create a chemical reactions that allows metals to bond. Welding for the first time was not easy for a lot [...]

On The Site

On Monday we had the majority of the class in studio working out details while 4 of us went out to the site to stake out the location of the pavilion. In addition, to laying out our structure we conducted a perc test to determine the water absorption rate of soil. The results of a percolation [...]

Meeting Time

Yesterday was a big day for us, as we met with the community. The Ardmore neighborhood associations all come together on the 4th Monday of every month. So this Monday we had the opportunity to share our 4 design concepts with them. This allows us to get the community's support on our ideas as well [...]

Today’s The day

With our meeting today, we are all heads down and working on compiling our individual iterations together into one cohesive presentation. For our meeting we are presenting our ideas to Jason, Leslie, Tom, and any other Parks Conservancy members that show. Each of us are preparing a 2-5 minutes max presentation giving us maximum time [...]

And That’s a wrap

This semester was an learning experience for all of us. Whether it had been something hands on like pouring concrete or something technical like configurating the structure of the bridge, we all took part in something and played a role in creating a space that will impact the West Ashley Bikeway for years to come. [...]

Wood Ain’t Cheap

Hello everyone, Over the past few days we have finally finished our CD sets, so they are completed and ready to go. YAY! However, One big obstacle that we have to tackle is our budget. Currently, we have been in contact with Lowes in hopes of getting donations as well as other venders. As Baker [...]