Today’s The day

With our meeting today, we are all heads down and working on compiling our individual iterations together into one cohesive presentation. For our meeting we are presenting our ideas to Jason, Leslie, Tom, and any other Parks Conservancy members that show. Each of us are preparing a 2-5 minutes max presentation giving us maximum time [...]

And That’s a wrap

This semester was an learning experience for all of us. Whether it had been something hands on like pouring concrete or something technical like configurating the structure of the bridge, we all took part in something and played a role in creating a space that will impact the West Ashley Bikeway for years to come. [...]

Wood Ain’t Cheap

Hello everyone, Over the past few days we have finally finished our CD sets, so they are completed and ready to go. YAY! However, One big obstacle that we have to tackle is our budget. Currently, we have been in contact with Lowes in hopes of getting donations as well as other venders. As Baker [...]


Today we hit the ground running by meeting with the structural engineer, John.  From this meeting we learned that we needed to beef up the foundation of our structure a little bit and got a pretty understanding of what this portion of the design will entail. In addition, we came up with some ideas as [...]

West side vs. East side

Over the past few days our assigned group pairs have pressed on with site analysis and early stages of design. As we have half of the class looking at connecting the West side of the pond the other is looking towards the East. Currently, we have all been doing diagrammatic site analysis as to how [...]

Reunited at last

Finally after a little over a week of having online classes from a COVID-19 scare, our studio has been reunited with the exception of one of our team members. For todays class, we started off by doing tutorials on how to work the laser cutter machine and the library. After these tutorials we started to [...]