CDs Not the Kind You Listen To

This week we have progressed in the CDs and further designed the pavilion. We recently sent our most up to date CD set to a local structural engineer to look over. The main design changes are that we made our connection to the ground be concrete piers. In addition, we have removed the roof ridge pitching and in change have the gutter sloping downward. We also are looking into using a more permeable material on the main pavilion for comfortability of the students to seat in the pavilion.

most up to date design

In the mean time, while we wait to hear feed back me and a classmate went to Green Hearts current site to do some measurements of a mural. The wood could potentially be reused in our project as the operable doors. In addition, we took notes and measurements of their current storage space to help further design that portion of our support pavilion. This will help us in making sure we can accommodate for all of their existing equipment.

Image of Mural on Green Hearts Existing Site

above is some screen shots from our CDs

Today we also spent time making some site plans to help Green heart map out the foot print of the concrete slaps of the pavilions and their garden space. They plan on marking these spaces out tomorrow in preparation to begin

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