Mentorship complete

One of my fav projects from this semester

Yesterday many of us finally reached the 192 hour requirement for mentorship, completing the last day of work for the semester. I started my morning coordinating with my mentor organizing final documents, drawings, models, etc. to prepare for my departure. Although the hours are complete, we still have a couple of readings remaining, a final report, and a board displaying/summarizing my work throughout the semester for the firm. No days off though. With the build behind schedule for the ground breaking, our mornings will now be dedicated to pushing through whatever remains for the pavilion. 


In other news, ITC is about to get real. The past 2 weeks have been dedicated to design, shop drawings, and form testing all in preparation for the final product. Yesterday we spent some time allowing ourselves to see what works and what doesn’t. For Instance, a major component of my lamp is its verticality. It’s a floor lamp so the body will stand 54” tall, plus an additional 8” for the rod and lampshade. Since my lamp has a gradual tapered effect from the bottom to the top, I chose to split the body up into 3 main sections, resulting in 3 different pours. Before all of that, I have conducted a few tests in the woodshop to ensure that with each pour, I have the flexibility to mortar and sand those seams to make the lamp look as a unified piece. We are also all coordinating buying materials, like wood veneer, in bulk to save a little money.

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