Women in STEM

As we still await the go-to to break ground on site, this week is looking promising (cross your fingers). In the meantime though, we have officially completed all major structural components of the build and now we are working on the walls, the sliding doors, and we will be starting the built ins! Even though it feels like we are cutting it close, because we have prefabricated the entire build in the shop it will go up SO fast. Once the concrete is poured and set, it would most likely take a weekend to get everything major up and a few extra days to do the smaller stuff like the built ins because we want to take our time with the details of it all. And after three to four weeks we have FINALLY received the tile sample for the main pavilion! As a reminder, the section of the center of the pavilion will be tiled so that it can read more as a classroom space for Meeting Street Academy and Green Heart

In other news, we got this awesome vacuum press that will help us with ITC. It’s basically like the vacuum seals you use to store away blankets and clothes but better. This will help speed up the process of our formwork which does away for the need of clamps.

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