Lights So Bright, but They Don’t Blind ITC

Yesterday the Intro to Craft class took a trip to The Urban Electric Company. This field trip offered the students who are working on the final project – a lighting fixture of their choice – some inspiration and background on how custom lighting is made.


A key part of the visit involved a tour of the working floor. The build process is handled by a series of teams who each have workstations where the team assembles and finishes their fixtures for the day. They even have a system for cleaning up and resetting at the end of each day. There is much the class could learn from these teams, including their safety. They have made it 53 days without any accidents. We could only strive to hit this number in our own shop. (Currently we’re at 4 days without serious incident.)Just as ITC continues to push on with thanksgiving fast approaching, so does the community build studio. This is a busy week for both site preparations and wood work in the shop. The rebar crew will be on site today to finish all the bending of all needed pieces. The in-shop crew will continue to work on the prefabrication of the doors. They will pick up today with more painting, as well as beginning the construction of the small pavilion built ins.

Stay tuned for more updates from site. Ground breaking is set to hopefully happen this week to be able to lay formwork over the weekend.

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