Everything’s Coming Up Planters

Even with a four-day week, Team Planter Box has made significant progress in addressing some of the issues that caused last week’s setbacks. In the last two days, the exterior Wear Deck boards and trim have been added, creating a sleek look for these ‘floating’ boxes. As of yesterday evening, the first planter box is [...]

Augers Don’t Fix Foundation Holes

With Frierson finally wrapped up, the A+CB crew has officially transitioned their work to Ardmore. Though the bridge installation will not be completed by the original deadline of the end of the semester, foundation will be poured and ready by our original deadline. In the coming weeks, all the materials for the bridge extension will [...]

Putting the Community in Community Build

This week called for all hands on deck to prepare for our final design review with our partners and our community outreach event. Like any review week, every minute was precious. Some students worked on mounting our design boards in the wood shop with spray adhesive right before the review. (It brought on a lot [...]

Knee Deep in the Community

Today marks the day of our group design review with Greenheart, the Parks Conservancy, and the City of Charleston for a community garden at Singleton Park. The studio has been diligently working on models and drawings all week in groups of three to present five different schemes to these partners. It’s safe to say that [...]

DIYing Studio

After many weeks of group-centered projects and activities - spring cleaning, PLI preparations, site research – we have split off to generate fifteen different schemes to show the committee at next Friday’s review. Today marks the approximate halfway point of our individual design for a new community garden located in Singleton Park. At next week’s [...]


This week we wrap up our spring cleaning work before jumping head first into our project at Singleton Park next week – or do we? With the Ardmore planters still on hold for materials, it is safe to say that we will be seeing a little bit more of Ardmore in the near future. As [...]