Augers Don’t Fix Foundation Holes

With Frierson finally wrapped up, the A+CB crew has officially transitioned their work to Ardmore. Though the bridge installation will not be completed by the original deadline of the end of the semester, foundation will be poured and ready by our original deadline. In the coming weeks, all the materials for the bridge extension will be shipped and stored by the City of Charleston, so that the bridge installation can be completed right when the fall semester begins.

Yesterday afternoon a crew went out to clear the brush where the bridge will connect the existing park to a future walking path. They also marked the areas where the bridge will start and end with stakes and string.Today, a larger crew went out to precisely mark where each foundational support for the bridge will be. Careful measurements were taken and marked on the string, so that these points could be marked with spray paint to accurately start digging.

With the help of the city’s auger, the holes for the foundation were cleared out. Having to dig several holes at nearly four feet deep, meant all hands on deck. Most were committed to digging, while others solely served as a measuring technique.


With our Monday deadline coming up, we have a few more days to finish laying supports and pouring the concrete, so unfortunately none of us will be seeing Taylor Swift in Atlanta this weekend.

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