Last Day of Spring Cleaning

Today was our last day of Spring cleaning. Before we all disbursed from the C.A.C.C. we spent the first half hour of class conversing over each others research topics. As a team, we are working together researching data about our design build site at the Edith L. Frierson Elementary School. Only a couple days after [...]

It’s Draw Bridge Time

As magical, fun, and woefully useless as a Mulberry Pond drawbridge would be, it is not the kind of bridge we are proposing. Maybe after we build a castle and find some not-too-friendly alegators to defend it we'll revisit the drawbridge idea, but for now the bridge and pavilion we are proposing is much more [...]

First review

Over the past several days we have been divided by pairs of two to start the design process for the new bridge at Mulberry pond. Half of the class is working on the west side of the pond while the other half is working on the east side. Every studio last week we meet over [...]