Doing some yard work

Over the past week and multiple changes later we finally have our construction documents finished. While that was going on, a crew of us went to the site to clean up some overgrown vegetation. This did not only make it look 10 times better but now we have a clear path for our walkway to [...]

Getting some structure

Wednesday we met with the structural engineer John, to look over some of our details and model that we created. We went over some details about roof, railing, beams, and truss. Some adjustments John recommended was that the beams need to 2x10 and not 2x8 and possible have two of them instead of one.  Another [...]

First review

Over the past several days we have been divided by pairs of two to start the design process for the new bridge at Mulberry pond. Half of the class is working on the west side of the pond while the other half is working on the east side. Every studio last week we meet over [...]

Getting the word out

This week we finally got our signs printed out with English and Spanish catch phases to draw the greenway users attention. The signs had bold pop colors with a QR code at the bottom with more information. The graphic team did a really good job on coming up with the design. Friday after studio several [...]

The start of the semester

After the first week of the semester concludes and as the class gets to know each other, we still chugged along through the pandemic as business as usual.  Last Tuesday we had our orientation to kick start the semester. At orientation, we got ourselves familiar with the cigar factory, Charleston area, and the staff.   [...]