The start of the semester

After the first week of the semester concludes and as the class gets to know each other, we still chugged along through the pandemic as business as usual.  Last Tuesday we had our orientation to kick start the semester. At orientation, we got ourselves familiar with the cigar factory, Charleston area, and the staff.


Wednesday was the start of the community build studio. We drove around to the past projects from the past few years to get an idea of what is expected out of the class. Two sites that we visited are Corrine Jones community garden and Magnolia park and community garden. While there, we noted and discussed maintenance issues with the design and structures.

The problem with Corrine Jones was the capillary action that was taking place with the gutter. Our solution to the problem is using an EDPN liner. The maintenance issue at Magnolia was the 2×4 that supported the rebar had rotted.  On Friday, we went back to the two sites and accessed how we would go about fixing the problem as well as set up a step-by-step game plan.

Monday a wrench was thrown in our schedule due to weather. Instead of starting laying the EDPN liner and replacing the 2×4’s we went into the woodshop and started building our preparation work and organizing what we would need for Wednesday.


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