Rain Delay

We were delayed yet productive. While still learning about each other and how to work with one another, we were faced with our first obstacle, rain. It was too damp outside so we decided to delay fixing the capillary action issue at Corrine Jones. Instead, we prepared even more in order to make it easy for us on Wednesday when we go out to the site.

In order to be fully prepared, we went over the fixing process again. In going over it, we discovered we needed to create supports that would screw into the side of the structure so that we could drape the EDPM while installing it on one side. We created these supports out of wood. In addition, we went into further detail on how to use the EDPM adhesive. We discovered that we will need to have someone roll the adhesive on both the EDPM and the surface and then proceed to have someone else lay the EDPM on the surface in order to prevent it from drying too quickly. When it dries too quickly the adhesive starts to form a web like film and immediately becomes useless.

Other tasks included organizing the woodshop, going over the tools and how much of it we would need, and making measurements again to double check that we have the right amount of material. We laid all the tools we would need out on to two tables. We also cut the EDPN to the collected measurement with an extra foot at the end. Some people also cleaned the wood shop by sweeping, organizing, and throwing away old material.

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