Before and After

Just a few weeks ago we were looking at the site trying to decide where we wanted our site to be. Since then we have come a long way. We formed a design that we like and worked on with many different individuals on and then laid it out actually on the site. From there [...]

It’s been awhile…

Last time you heard from us we were getting into our construction documents, trying to finalize our roof design, and meeting with the structural engineer. We then went on spring break and after 10 long and relaxing days we are back! Some of us went away while others had a staycation and explored the beautiful [...]

Post Review Thoughts

Our weeks worth of work in designing a new bridge for the retention pond has paid off! Everyone did excellent work and were able to clearly show their design concept. We met with the the conservancy and others to discuss design concepts from each design that could be incorporated into the next phase of designing. [...]

We Asked. We Got Answers.

The outcome is more than what we expected. After putting up our signs along the Greenway and Bikeway over the weekend, we started to get some replies. What started out as 19 replies on Monday has turned into 101 responses by Tuesday night. One hundred and one responses, 60 of which have responded that they [...]

Rain Delay

We were delayed yet productive. While still learning about each other and how to work with one another, we were faced with our first obstacle, rain. It was too damp outside so we decided to delay fixing the capillary action issue at Corrine Jones. Instead, we prepared even more in order to make it easy [...]