Post Review Thoughts

Our weeks worth of work in designing a new bridge for the retention pond has paid off! Everyone did excellent work and were able to clearly show their design concept. We met with the the conservancy and others to discuss design concepts from each design that could be incorporated into the next phase of designing. We also discussed areas in the designs that were missing.¬† A few things we discussed that we will think about including into the next phase includes shading options, potentially doing a switch back, making the design low maintenance, and adding moments of pause. A point discussed that nobody had included that they wanted to include was making the benches more ADA accessible. This means we won’t be doing one long continuous bench. Overall, the meeting was successful and we gained valuable feedback from our client.

The next step is to meet with the surveyor on Wednesday. From here we have a more accurate site plan that we can make into a model and use for a more accurate and improved designs. It will also allow us to finally see the drop in elevation between the bikeway side and Mulberry Street side.

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