We Asked. We Got Answers.

The outcome is more than what we expected. After putting up our signs along the Greenway and Bikeway over the weekend, we started to get some replies. What started out as 19 replies on Monday has turned into 101 responses by Tuesday night. One hundred and one responses, 60 of which have responded that they can attend our meeting. We are already starting to see a pattern in potential areas we can work in based off of the answers we have gotten in the google form. Even though we have gotten a large amount of responses, our work is still not over.

On Monday, we reached out to several businesses through various social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Since then, we have been getting many responses back from businesses stating that they will promote our meeting on their pages and would be glad to pass out or hang flyers.

In addition, the rest of the class has been working on other tasks such as creating precedents, printing out flyers to give to businesses, creating a template design for the presentation, doing zoom options research, and finding potential sites for the projects.

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