Mig, Cut, Plane, Repeat

On a cool, brisk Sunday afternoon, amidst the chaos that is planning a community meeting for the masses, a few lucky students got to get wood and metal shop certified. We came from all walks of life, some skilled with a hammer and some who should probably not even be trusted to hold the box of nails, but by the end of our day, we were all excited for the possibilities of the semester. And if you are wondering, yes, badges have been ordered to show our official status.

During our time in the shop, we got trained on the Miter Saw, Jointer, Planer, and Table Saw. One of the students, Baker Roddey, was so excited to get trained in the woodshop, that he showed up in his Sunday best. It’s hard not to get a laugh out of watching a guy jointing wood in loafers, but we tried our hardest to keep our composure. (well most of us)

In the Metal shop, we got to test our abilities with welding and angle grinding.  Welding is an insane art form. Most of us were completely average, but Alyssa Pinkham kicked butt with her welds. We each got to test doing a few lines of welds with the Mig Welder and since Sunday, most of us have already been back in the shop to keep perfecting our skills.



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