Setting up the posts

After the foundation for the Mulberry Crossing project was completed, the next challenge was to align all of our roof and railing posts so that everything worked within our 3' increments. The railings allowed for more of an error in the distance, but it was crucial that we get the roof aligned correctly. We precut [...]

Setting the Groundwork

Our first design iteration meeting with our client on Monday went well.  People from the Charleston Parks Conservancy, the City of Charleston departments, and even community members that live in West Ashley attended. Great feedback was given to all seven teams discussing their designs. Moving forward, we will now be picking aspects of everyone's designs [...]

Mig, Cut, Plane, Repeat

On a cool, brisk Sunday afternoon, amidst the chaos that is planning a community meeting for the masses, a few lucky students got to get wood and metal shop certified. We came from all walks of life, some skilled with a hammer and some who should probably not even be trusted to hold the box [...]

A swing and a miss

I have never seen or experienced a construction project that goes exactly the way you plan for. Today at Magnolia Community Garden was no exception. A simple task: replacing the wood foundation of a rebar trellis that had started to rot. In layman's terms, we needed to replace 8 pieces of 2x4. Sounds simple enough, [...]