Getting back in the SWING of things

Our spring break came and went and now we are back on the grind of completing our CD set and starting the build. The piers go in on April 5th so we have a lot to achieve before then. Currently, we are split into groups but the main thing we need to get done by Wednesday is figuring out how we are going to mark on the site where the piers are going.  We are going to use 2xs and string to mark out the edge banding of our design.

While this is going on, other teams are continuing to do drawings and details for the foundation, the roof structure, the railings, and…A SWING!!! Finally we have gotten approval to add a swing in the middle of our pavilion, something I have personally been pushing since the start.

The foundation and structure have had a lot of communication between us and our structural engineer, John Moore. We have finally gotten to the point of a finalized structural plan and hardware selection. This is a huge step for our studio.

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