It’s All About the Money

As the design is being finalized and CDs are being approved, we have come to the question of money. It usually always ends up being about the money. We are pursuing some grants from the Conservancy and from the city in order to accomplish all the aspects of the project including the deck, pavilion, path, and benches. This means going over CDs and figuring how to combine things to aim for the “under budget” goal.

Beyond putting the budget together, this phase also covers the fun task of calling different companies and asking them for quotes. Luckily we have a pretty good reputation around here so most companies are inclined to help us more or give us better rates. These quoted include everything from planks of wood, nails, gravel, and bolts. It’s a big job to make sure we order everything we need so that we don’t get to site and are missing things

(^budget above is totally not finalized or near updated)


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