Framing Fun

After the pilons were driven into the pond, our next biggest question was 'how in the world are we going to build onto them'? The answer to that was to install temporary scaffolding on the lower portion of the pilons in order to be able to stay above the water. This came with it's own [...]

It’s All About the Money

As the design is being finalized and CDs are being approved, we have come to the question of money. It usually always ends up being about the money. We are pursuing some grants from the Conservancy and from the city in order to accomplish all the aspects of the project including the deck, pavilion, path, [...]

Pulling It Together

With our community meeting rapidly approaching, tomorrow has been designated as team huddle and work session. With many moving parts to consider for the meeting such as Zoom, the presentation, the material, and interaction with the participants, we have an extensive to-do list to go through. As the number of responses increase (from 60 to [...]

Sticky Situation

After the rain delay at Corrine Jones Community Garden, we finally made it out on Wednesday. The rain had stopped for just enough time for us to feel confident in our ability to repair the rain gutter and finally get on the roof. In review: we had to lay down EPDM lining over the metal [...]