Sticky Situation

After the rain delay at Corrine Jones Community Garden, we finally made it out on Wednesday. The rain had stopped for just enough time for us to feel confident in our ability to repair the rain gutter and finally get on the roof. In review: we had to lay down EPDM lining over the metal gutter to prevent the heavy leaking that occurred during rainy days like Monday.

We also decided to sand and refinish some of the sun damaged wood and apply a sealant on the wood.



In terms of EPDM application; we severely underestimated the power of the chosen adhesive though I suppose that’s a good thing in the long-run. After some discussion and repositioning, we laid down the EPDM successfully and trimmed the excess to fit so that it’s almost seamless. However, all of the activity in the rain gutter led to a slight, inward deformation of the structure. This provided some interesting solutions to be created in order to reinstall the angle irons.




The solution we landed on was to have people on the roof pushing the two parallel beams apart while the angle irons were aligned and drilled back into place. In the end, we have to return to apply the second coat of sealant to the wood as all of our roof shenanigans used up all of our daylight.

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