Pulling It Together

With our community meeting rapidly approaching, tomorrow has been designated as team huddle and work session. With many moving parts to consider for the meeting such as Zoom, the presentation, the material, and interaction with the participants, we have an extensive to-do list to go through. As the number of responses increase (from 60 to 144) we have been challenged to think critically about how the presentation will be most effective.

Working off of many brainstorms, conversations, white board sessions, and pow wows of the last two days, tomorrow is the day we put all our research, precedent studies, and other materials into a final product. A small group of students has been working on the technical portions of the presentation such as color schemes, fonts, and the final layout of the presentation itself.

We are excited (yet slightly nervous, as expected) to present our ideas to the community of West Ashley and look forward to putting together an amazing presentation.

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