On Site!

 We began the last class in the studio and discussed what needed to be finalized in the roof and railing structures.  Our intentions were to mark the location for the bridge’s post but we weren’t able to access a floating deck from Blu Tide.  Then a group of us went out to the site to get some final measurements, map out the path, and do a little clean-up.
   While Landon and Daniel were taking some elevations and measurements, they found out that some of our lengths were significantly off.  We aren’t sure if this resulted from the survey or if we scaled the Cad file wrong.  Once we determine the cause of this error then it will be much easier to fix.
   Next, David let us borrow some of his landscape tools and we started to remove the debris along the fence line.  The bugs were horrible but we still got some good work done and it started to look better with just the small amount of clean-up we did. We plan to go back to the site during Friday’s class to do some more clean-up and get ready to start building! 

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