Moving and Grooving

A few of us got our hands dirty on-site during studio on Wednesday and the rest of the crew stayed back to keep working on the roof design. The roof design is wrapping up and is looking great. A couple of us will be heading out to the site again tomorrow to finish up cleaning the landscape for our path. On Wednesday we began by clearing out some undergrowth and low hanging limbs to create a clear and open pathway. We still need to dig up some leftover stumps and debris, but we are making some serious progress which means we will get this path underway soon!

Since a few of us spent time on site earlier this week, here are a few things we figured out:

  1. The bugs are ruthless and will show no mercy
  2. There is always an abundance of Poison Ivy exactly where you have to work
  4. Bring working gloves or you will be sorry

On the bright side, there are a ton of flowers blooming, the turtles and ducks are having a blast in the water, and it will be nice to feel the sun beaming down rather than LEDs.

According to our calendar, we are set to begin installation on site this Saturday! The time has finally come, and all of our hard work is coming to life. We are all super excited and can’t wait to see this come together in the next month! Follow our Instagram @clemson_cb for more pictures and regular updates!

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