Saturdays Are For Sitework

Our first Saturday workday is officially in the books! We headed out to site at 8am in hopes of waking up before the bugs, but no such luck. We split into two teams – girls on landscape cleanup and boys on foundation layout. Nothing like a little friendly competition to get the job done. Now that the underbrush and leaves have been cleared, and the design has been laid out on the water, we can finally start to visualize how our project will connect the West Ashley Bikeway and surrounding neighborhoods. We were able to adjust the angle of the porch and roof trusses to align with Juniper Street, which intersects our site from the North. This is a definite improvement in regards to our design’s integration into the neighborhood!

Back in studio on Monday, we continued to wrap up CDs. Adjustments had to be made to our foundation plan due to changes made on site. As these plans and details come together, we are keeping track of our material count for accurate pricing as we begin placing orders. Smaller details such as railings are beginning to take shape as well!

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