Phase I: Complete

As a quick recap, Wednesday evening was our community dialogue alongside the Charleston Park’s Conservancy. In small groups, we ran through several potential site options with members of the community. We openly discussed the pros and cons of each and made sure to listen carefully to the insight and requests from those who live there. [...]

That’s a Wrap (almost)!

Today we spent most of our studio time on zoom working out the kinks in our community meeting presentation with the Charleston Parks Conservancy this Wednesday. The first half of class was dedicated to figuring out how we wanted to run the meeting and how we were going to do this smoothly with a potentially [...]

Crafting The Charrette

On Friday we had our follow up meeting with the Charleston Parks Conservancy regarding our upcoming digital charrette with the community. Over the course of the last week, we had split up into teams to focus our efforts in different areas. These teams consisted of software research, gathering digital presentation precedents, local social media usage, [...]

The Fast and the Furious 14

Last Friday we met with the Charleston Park Conservancy via Zoom to introduce ourselves and discuss how we can begin to improve the West Ashley Greenway. After the meeting and class discussion was wrapped up, our professor and head honcho, David Pastre, decided that the best way to introduce us to the greenway was to [...]

Finishing The Foundation

Hey Guys, As we begin to wrap up our semester we would like to thank all of you for following the development of our community build project this far. Yesterday we began to take off the formwork of the concrete that was poured last Friday. I can definitely say it pleased us to finally see [...]

Fully Formed

Things are moving along great at the site as we get ready to pour concrete this morning! We saw some really awesome team work on site yesterday and Wednesday as we set our forms in place and set rebar. Yesterday the focus was rebar and getting it inside of our forms and braced. A few [...]


Anyone who has seen the movie Holes (or read the book) knows that digging holes is hard work. Maybe Shia LaBeouf knows it best of all. As it turns out Studio V is also about to learn firsthand what it takes to dig some holes. After a successful day of spray painting the lines for [...]

Spoke Me I’m Dreaming

When you settle with wheels as the major inspiration for your design, the studio and our google drive becomes somewhat of a hub for lackadaisical jokes. To recount a list of the file names in our drive for current models, we have: -SPOKE 2 SOON -TWO SPOKES UNDER PAR -SPOKEMON -SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE FAN [...]

Just A Little Stitious…

Happy Friday the 13th everybody, hope nobody is too superstitious about this day being bad luck seeing as how today marks the day where the studio begins to undergo major production for the bridge; finally.  The foundation group will be meeting this weekend to start constructing foundations for the bridge while the other groups continue [...]