Savannah Versus Charleston

Today the architecture students at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston took a field trip to historic Savannah, Georgia. This was an exciting trip as I, personally, haven’t been on a field trip since undergrad. Savannah is a great city with a rich history and culture that we were able to experience today, some of [...]

It’s all in the Formwork

Today, we completed one of the most challenging parts of our build, the formwork! We have a total of 8 forms that will mold our concrete "feet" for wooden columns to then support the structure. One of the most difficult parts of building the formwork was to have flush edges and strength, and doing so [...]

Busy day in the Shop

Today was a busy day in the shop. As a recap, half of the students in the ITC class are working on a model staircase project which is meant to be a lesson on bent wood laminations and complex formwork needed to build them. My team was hard at work over the weekend and today, [...]

We Built a Bridge & Got Over It!

As we wrap up this week, I wanted to give a summary of the projects that were completed. We’ve had many things going on in the architecture department at the Clemson Design Center this week. The Ardmore project is wrapping up on our end as the planter boxes have been built and taken to site [...]

Ready, Set, BRIDGE!

And just like that, the ardmore bridge is set in place.. We had an early start today meeting on site at 7:30 in the morning. We met with city employees who were operating a huge crane. Since the foundation and formwork had already been set, the only thing left to do was place the bridge. [...]

So Much to do … So Much to See

Hello again. There is much to share from this last week, weekend, and yesterday. Some of what I am sharing has been discussed in previous posts but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences/achievements with these events. This post will mention several different events so I will try to be concise in my [...]

Ready, Set, Go!

We are quite delighted for the Frierson site's opening on April 27th. We worked on the designs for shelves, benches, sinks, and other items this week. We ordered the supplies and began working on the furniture. We also began cutting, grinding, and welding steel that would be utilized as hardware. The Frierson group was split [...]

What is an architect?

Today my classmate, Peyton, and I went to The Pink House which is a local non-profit that is a community resource center. They provide after school programs for children as well as food and hot meals to the community.  I am working with The Pink House this semester through my Community 1:1 class to provide [...]


Time to hit the ground running! Since spring break, we have had a meeting to get back on track and to discuss where we should focus our efforts for the next couple of weeks. We discussed what we should have prepared for the community event next week which includes a physical model as well as [...]