The Ribbon is Cut

Today we "unveiled" Frierson's outdoor learning pavilion. Our colleagues from last year who designed the pavilion were able to come down and join us for the ribbon cutting event as well as the majority of the school. It was nice to meet everyone who was part of the process or who have seen the progress [...]

Can we build it? Yes, we can!

Today a group of us went to Edith L. Frierson Elementary to install cabinetry and shelving that a group of students designed and fabricated this past week. We spent most of the day on site screwing the pieces together as well as trimming down pieces that didn't quite fit the as-built dimensions. Most of the [...]

The Butterfly House

Over the past several days I have focused much of my attention on my Community 1:1 project for the local non-profit Katie's Krops. To recap, this project entailed designing and building a "butterfly house" which is a safe habitat for Monarch Butterflies. The structure needed to be large enough to serve as an enclosed, screened-in [...]

Ready, Set, Go!

We are quite delighted for the Frierson site's opening on April 27th. We worked on the designs for shelves, benches, sinks, and other items this week. We ordered the supplies and began working on the furniture. We also began cutting, grinding, and welding steel that would be utilized as hardware. The Frierson group was split [...]

Engaging the Community

Today we shared our final-ish design for our Singleton Park Pavilion. We worked hard to get everything up on the boards and deliver the project's intent to the best of our abilities today and overall we all saw it as a success. We enjoyed hearing different points of view on the project from the education [...]

Day & Night

Architecture doesn't know the difference between day and night. This is especially true when working on a model the day before a review. I do not advise this, but sometimes that's how it is. We've made the most of it, though! The last month of the semester causes stress levels to increase and sleep to [...]

Rethinking God’s House (Well This One, at Least)

I have the pleasure of working with Bill Stanfield, CEO of Metanoia, the nonprofit that I am partnered with this semester that focuses on youth leadership, affordable housing and community development.  In getting to know him, I've come to find that he also serves as the assistant pastor at the St. Matthew Baptist Church of [...]


Time to hit the ground running! Since spring break, we have had a meeting to get back on track and to discuss where we should focus our efforts for the next couple of weeks. We discussed what we should have prepared for the community event next week which includes a physical model as well as [...]

Wood you, could you, build a cabinet?

A lunch and learn is like an adult field trip. I visited Low Country Case & Millwork with coworkers from CEMS and I was truly amazed. Before entering the building we were greeted by an alligator sunbathing by the pond which I thought was the warmest welcome. LCCM recently moved into a brand new 52,000 [...]

Take a Look, It’s in a Book….

If you have ever watched the hit PBS Kids show "Reading Rainbow" as a child, adolescent, teen, really at any age, then you have heard the words of this post's title sung (I personally like Chaka Khan's version of it, but that's neither here nor there).  Anyway, we have been spending the last four or [...]