Primed and Ready

Today we continue our in-house build with priming (and later painting) our doors and walls to the garden shed. While we finished out the last of the priming, Maddy selected a base color for us to paint. We made sure to cover every inch as the paint not only gives color but also provides some [...]

Savannah Versus Charleston

Today the architecture students at the Clemson Design Center in Charleston took a field trip to historic Savannah, Georgia. This was an exciting trip as I, personally, haven’t been on a field trip since undergrad. Savannah is a great city with a rich history and culture that we were able to experience today, some of [...]

Out and About

On Tuesday this week, my "Inevitable Inundation" classmates and I celebrated Halloween by "trick or treating" for mitigation techniques on historic homes located around the lower end of the Charleston Peninsula.  It was very nice to have the opportunity to get out and about and have a break from the normal routine. In addition it [...]

Everything Everywhere All at Once

To wrap up this week, we’ve been working in the shop most nights on cutting down material for formwork then assembling them. The process of cutting the material down and getting them ready to assemble started off rough but we now have a system in place to make things go more smoothly. For our ITC [...]

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Waters….

Okay, so there are no actual troubled waters that we're building this bridge over, but the Simon and Garfunkel song reference could not be overlooked (I personally prefer Whitney Houston and Cece Winans's live rendition, but that's neither here nor there).  But anyway, over the last week, we the Community+Build students made significant strides and [...]

So Much to do … So Much to See

Hello again. There is much to share from this last week, weekend, and yesterday. Some of what I am sharing has been discussed in previous posts but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences/achievements with these events. This post will mention several different events so I will try to be concise in my [...]

The Climax!

In her blog, Olivia did a fantastic job of describing the bridges' assembly procedure. So I'll carry on with the tale. On Saturday, September 17, 2023, after 2 PM, we strived for perfection! However, few of them were half an inch off. So we loosened the bolts and we attempted to hammer them back into [...]

Bakers Gonna Bake!

Our studio is focusing on working in separate groups as we continue the Singleton pavilion project and work on wrapping up the Ardmore Bridge project. We also have been preparing for Hurricane Idalia to come through Charleston. This week the bridge team worked on laying out all the steel pieces and started bolting them together. [...]

The Ribbon is Cut

Today we "unveiled" Frierson's outdoor learning pavilion. Our colleagues from last year who designed the pavilion were able to come down and join us for the ribbon cutting event as well as the majority of the school. It was nice to meet everyone who was part of the process or who have seen the progress [...]

Can we build it? Yes, we can!

Today a group of us went to Edith L. Frierson Elementary to install cabinetry and shelving that a group of students designed and fabricated this past week. We spent most of the day on site screwing the pieces together as well as trimming down pieces that didn't quite fit the as-built dimensions. Most of the [...]