Making Progress

Since being approved to start building, we have made a lot of progress. A huge thank you to Blu Tide for installing our pilings for us! Now that the scaffolding is done, we can move around the structure and we were able to start putting the beams and joists in place. This was very tedious and time-consuming [...]

On Site!

 We began the last class in the studio and discussed what needed to be finalized in the roof and railing structures.  Our intentions were to mark the location for the bridge's post but we weren't able to access a floating deck from Blu Tide.  Then a group of us went out to the site to get some [...]

Site Survey Day!

Last class we met with Sandy and his surveying crew at the site. Sandy went out of his way to give us an in depth intro to the survey process and explained all the technologies that they utilize within the process. He discussed how the the technology has evolved since he first started in the [...]

Times Ticking!

We are finalizing every and getting all our ducks in order with only a few days left till the meeting with the community.  On Friday, we did a Zoom Webinar trial which we ended up deciding against for the meeting.  We decided that the Webinar would not stimulate enough conversation between us and the attendees.  [...]

Start of the West Ashley Greenway

Now that we have finished "spring cleaning" at Corrine Jones and Magnolia Gardens, it's time to start on our project! This semester we will be working with the Charleston Park Conservancy to improve the West Ashley Greenway.  We met Leslie Wade, James Martin, Kayla Huff, and Meg Moore of the Charleston Park Conservancy via Zoom on Friday.  We [...]