Work/ Life Balance

As we start to approach midterms, it is important to remember to find time for hobbies or activities that help keep you relaxed. Even with our next studio review coming up, my small group decided to enjoy a beverage to help our creative process. As we had a laugh and cracked a joke about our roof taking the form of the pizza hut logo, it brought us full circle to the point of architecture school – exploration and excitement.

For me, the semester is shaping into the best semester yet, because we are getting the opportunity through all of our classes to experience a lot of hands-on projects. When you get to the point that you are starring at your model for too long without any development, it’s nice to be able to flip to doing some hand sketches of Charlestonian architecture or stringing colorful thread around nails. It helps to remind us that we are one of the few majors that get to do this.

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