Green Roof! Green Roof…? Green Roof.

Each Community Build student presented their own idea for a proposed park at Ardmore to the city and the CPC. They offered some ideas for location and features they wanted to see in a pavilion on the site. From that point, we were split into 4 groups. Our group (Maddi, John, Danny, and Michaela) were tasked with doing some additional research into Green Roofs and how that might benefit the community and provide a learning opportunity on site.

Between Wednesday and today, we started to dive into green roof research to understand:

  • What type of green roof? Extensive or Intensive
  • How much slope can we have if we are incorporating a green roof?
  • How do we turn this into an educational opportunity?
  • What type of construction do we need to use below a green roof?
  • What is the actual structure of green roof boxes with dirt types and other aggregates?

From this research, we are now going to start a charette that uses our data to create a beautiful space on our site. We will look at placement on site, structure concepts, materiality, and adjacencies to move forward for the weekend.

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