Prepping to Hang out with the Mayor

After meeting with the Parks Conservancy and Charleston City Parks Department last Friday, we have broken out into four separate teams.

Team 1: Focusing on a design involving a green roof                                                                                                       Team 2: Focusing on a design involving parametrics                                                                                                     Team 3: Focusing on a design involving or encompassing a bridge connection                                                    Team 4: Focusing on a design involving vernacular typology and radial tendencies on site

Our professor, David Pastre, has grouped us according to common individual design attributes and has tasked us to have a presentation board and a built model, in preparation for the Ardmore Park Neighborhood Association meeting next Monday, September 14th.  Mayor Tecklenburg will be in attendance, so our approach needs to be solid and concise.

I am in Group 4, and so far we have our site strategy down. We are working on model iterations and as a studio, we are in discussion about a consistent-looking board layout for our presentations on Monday.

As far as our group approaches are concerned, the major factors of design include:

  • A major series of axis’ organizing into a radial site strategy
  • Vernacular typology influencing Pavilion design
  • A duality of program that involves several zones and spaces or thresholds
  • An unobstructed view from the corner of the lot to the pond
  • Permeable areas for sunlight

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