Morphing Ideas

Wednesday in studio we continued working towards our Monday deadline – the Ardmore Sherwood Forest neighborhood association meeting. This point in the semester is critical as we continue to develop ideas individually, and in small groups. It is always challenging to morph together individual design ideas in a cohesive manner, making sure everyone’s voice is being heard and represented. My team – which is comprised of Ian, Xander, and myself – has done a good job of finding a balance and pushing each of our ideas to be better. This will be an important skill to have as we prepare to become one team as a studio moving forward.

Our small group’s project developed tremendously over the course of today’s studio. Our design intent is much stronger, as we are not only considering the multiple existing axis on the site, but now also incorporating green elements. We agreed on a single structural precedent, which inspired our undulating roofline which channels rainwater into a vertical planter below. This roof faces south and allows sunlight to filter through, creating a welcoming space to gather. The vertical planter divides this space and creates a smaller, more intimate area for private gatherings. We are happy with the progress but have a lot of work to still do before Monday!

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