One Step Closer

       This past week the studio was hard at work adhering to our schedule. We are a few days behind our original date of having construction documents finalized for the pavilion, but we have defined a set of drawings that will precede the more detailed shop drawings this coming week. On top of this, a [...]

The Time Has Come

We are finally working together as a studio and getting together a conceptual design for the Parks Conservancy, the City of Charleston Parks Department, and most importantly, the Ardmore Neighborhood. Since our presentation at the neighborhood meeting last week, we have taken considerations, especially those of the residents of Ardmore into what else can be [...]

Prepping to Hang out with the Mayor

After meeting with the Parks Conservancy and Charleston City Parks Department last Friday, we have broken out into four separate teams. Team 1: Focusing on a design involving a green roof                                                                                                       Team 2: Focusing on a design involving parametrics                                                                                                     Team 3: Focusing on a design involving or [...]

Site Research

Our studio has been hard at work this week compiling the relevant research for this semester's site. A lot of the discussion so far has been about how to connect the bikeway to the immediate neighborhood in a way that is respectful, functional, and meaningful while still abiding by the site's limitations. We will have [...]