The Time Has Come

We are finally working together as a studio and getting together a conceptual design for the Parks Conservancy, the City of Charleston Parks Department, and most importantly, the Ardmore Neighborhood.

Since our presentation at the neighborhood meeting last week, we have taken considerations, especially those of the residents of Ardmore into what else can be done with our design, layout, and master plans.

With the Charleston Parks Department and Conservancy really pushing the implementation of a green roof we have looked up several precedents that follow the same language as what this studio does from a structural sense.

With that being said, we are now finalizing (4) 24″ x 36″ presentation boards along with a physical model, as today we present some of our final design ideas to these groups.

Attached is a partial of our ‘main render’ that includes just the model from our BIM program, Rhino.

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