‘Twas the Night Before the Final Design Review…

With just one night until our final design review, it was all hands-on deck to put the finishing touches on our concept and presentation. We’ve spent the last few days divided into two groups, consulting one another along the way. Team A’s focus was the logistics of the structure as well as the digital model, which then transitioned into creating the physical model. Team B focused on the site layout, which revolved around researching existing axes and sun studies to inform the slab location and roof orientation. Team B was also tasked with creating well-integrated built-ins and conceptual elements, such as sensory components, that we will begin to develop more in the coming weeks. A major strength of our studio’s process is each team member’s comprehensive understanding and involvement throughout every phase of the process. This has made for extremely insightful discussions, and in my opinion, the start of a truly great design!

As Phase II of the Ardmore Sherwood Forest Park masterplan, our design concept centers on a ‘green’ pavilion which will act as an educational tool for The Charleston Parks Conservancy. A green roof and adjacent rainwater collection system are informed by the pavilion’s location on site, with the intent of this project to serve as a precedent for natural storm water management throughout the city of Charleston. We believe pairing this multipurpose outdoor classroom with innovative structural systems regarding environmental conservation will only strengthen the design as we move forward!

Working hard, or hardly working?

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