Spoke Me I’m Dreaming

When you settle with wheels as the major inspiration for your design, the studio and our google drive becomes somewhat of a hub for lackadaisical jokes. To recount a list of the file names in our drive for current models, we have: -SPOKE 2 SOON -TWO SPOKES UNDER PAR -SPOKEMON -SPOKEN LIKE A TRUE FAN [...]

Down for a spoke?

Status Update: As the studio dives deeper into understanding the assembly of bikes, our methods of analysis may not be considered cutting edge, but in order to push the boundary of our understanding of how to re-use old bikes, we have resorted to a different sort of cutting edge. This one looks a lot like [...]

(Pun)ting around ideas still

The road to site development is a winding road. Discoveries are made as the differences between one end of a site and the other are fully realized. Personalities emerge in certain nodes, and the flavors of all the nooks and crannies bubble up and color one’s understanding of the place not just by being a [...]

(Web) Site Strategies

While the gears start turning in Studio V as another semester kicks off, some of us are taking care of some slight house keeping duties to keep our website updated with some of the previous years' projects. Last semester we were able to start off by physically revisiting, fixing, and cleaning up some of the [...]

The Trials of Working Remotely

Like my classmates have reiterated, we have been working on a document with MUSC that they are hoping to distribute to other regional hospitals to help them set up successful testing sites for COVID-19. There have been a lot of changes in how this work is accomplished. For starters, we are working remotely from the [...]

All Aboard…

...this choo choo train because it's time to choo choo choose some materials so that we can lock down the connecting details of our designs this week! In short, this week will be a bit of a grind, both groups are progressing well towards an end goal, but we have much to do when it [...]

Developing Constraints

As we take a deeper dive into the process, we have started to uncover particular constraints that actually begin to shape what our schematic designs may look like. Constraints, at first, may seem like banes to designers, however, if the alternative is a world in which anything is possible (kids, I'm not saying anything isn't [...]

A couple of sites in sight

Week 4. Don’t forget the basics of what this is all about. We’re situated along the long axis of a narrow straight, and when I say long I mean 8.5 miles of straightaway, vertical gain/loss negligible, heat bearing down in summer, black asphalt paved, precarious street crossings, that car was never going to stop--close shave--place [...]