All Aboard…

…this choo choo train because it’s time to choo choo choose some materials so that we can lock down the connecting details of our designs this week! In short, this week will be a bit of a grind, both groups are progressing well towards an end goal, but we have much to do when it comes to finalizing our designs and developing construction documentation. After a last minute decision to add an ADA accessible ramp to our deck, the group focusing on the Farmfield Site especially has a lot of work to do this week. (But we got it.)

In the meantime, we have been investigating our materials to help us understand our designs from the standpoint of constructability. We have received welding tutorials and now need to practice our welds, but our metalworking does not stop there. Observe above, this triptych of David with a torch, preparing to show us how to best bend a steel rod into a circle (this architectural element is likely to make an appearance at the Coburg Rd site).

As we are entering the detailing phase of our project, I have been obsessively keeping an eye out for details around town that are somewhat related to the projects we are working on. Below are a hand full of relevant images from our urban context.

Although we are leaning away from a full structural steel frame on the Farmfield site, there will may still be some steel details, so how we interface the two systems together could be a very interesting system. Anyway, that’s all for now, we have a lot to narrow down, so hopefully this is will continue to be a productive week for us.

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