(Pun)ting around ideas still

The road to site development is a winding road. Discoveries are made as the differences between one end of a site and the other are fully realized. Personalities emerge in certain nodes, and the flavors of all the nooks and crannies bubble up and color one’s understanding of the place not just by being a sum of the parts but by actually unearthing the quiet conversations on the site itself. A lively atmosphere emerges, this is the room you’re welcomed into and the room where design starts.

And yet there is seldom a clear finish line in architecture, but for a project such as this, which has roots in the surrounding community and aspires to be progressive enough to inspire continual development and retain hearty engagement, the intangible goal is to still to have the architecture be so deeply rooted in its place that it can physically express its reverence for the surrounding community and the landscape in ways that make reparations for the inevitable destruction which occurs in its construction. But cresting that hill can provide new opportunity in ways that weren’t provided before, which can truly be amplified so long as the building honors and respects the true character of the land around it. Important aspects of the site can be both retained and enhanced. As architect W.G. Clark wrote, “The most important quality of architecture is the way it relates to, signifies, and dignifies a setting on earth.”

Deep investigations provide answers, and knowing what to do with them is the challenge we are confronted with. How exactly does one orchestrate syntactical play between the urban and the forested, how does one create comfort, and welcoming, all without sacrificing function? These are our challenges we seek to overcome. These are the challenges we are still working on… so stay tuned

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