From The Ground Up

Yesterday, we had our first internal review which gave us a chance to see everyone’s progress after choosing specific site strategies at the end of last week.  It is interesting to see what everyone thinks will work best for the site and for the needs of the Conservancy. After some overall site analysis of West Ashley and careful consideration of Magnolia Park’s connection to the rest of the park system, groups have narrowed down their entrance points to the site, which street they believe is best for the building to face, and means of travel through the park. Along with this, we have narrowed down our designs so that they will allow the Conservancy to promote education and sustainability through multi-use spaces.

After we discussed the programming of the site with everyone, we broke into our groups to begin further iterations. Before class ended, we also started looking at the programming of the Conservancy’s headquarters. Many teams have already began sketching and modeling the form of the building. By Wednesday, we hope to have the site strategies finalized and several iterations of the building’s design and floor layout complete.

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