Further Iterations

As the final week before our (hopeful) return to in-person instruction begins, all the groups have continued their detailed iterations and explorations of different site strategies for the future headquarters of the Charleston Parks Conservancy.  Designs are starting to narrow, and have become more developed illustrating viable options for the Conservancy to consider.  Each group is tasked with designing an overall site strategy, including locating buildings and garden areas and any other features that they think would be beneficial to the Parks Conservancy. The goal of the new headquarters is to create a new way of reaching people, and teaching individuals how to take care of their gardens and parks.  All seven groups are conceptualizing and idealizing fairly diverse options that will be part of a larger site study that will be presented to the members of the Conservancy on the 21st of September.  As well as overall site strategies, the teams are starting to roughly dimension and program out the buildings themselves, giving more shape to the way the site is used by visitors.

Hoping to get back to the CDCC soon!

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