Just A Little Stitious…

Happy Friday the 13th everybody, hope nobody is too superstitious about this day being bad luck seeing as how today marks the day where the studio begins to undergo major production for the bridge; finally.  The foundation group will be meeting this weekend to start constructing foundations for the bridge while the other groups continue [...]

Details, Details, Details

After meeting briefly at the start of studio to discuss what feedback that we received on Monday at the review; the studio decided that more emphasis needed to be placed on the bridge’s sculptural impact on the site.  This decision was followed by an hour and a half design charrette where each of the students [...]

Let the Schemes Begin

Heading into the end of this week, we have both the project type and project site established. The studio is now tasked with individually brainstorming as many different iterations of bridge schemes for placement at Forrest Park, which will discuss in class later today. The process of designing this pedestrian bridge begins separately, but as [...]

Further Iterations

As the final week before our (hopeful) return to in-person instruction begins, all the groups have continued their detailed iterations and explorations of different site strategies for the future headquarters of the Charleston Parks Conservancy.  Designs are starting to narrow, and have become more developed illustrating viable options for the Conservancy to consider.  Each group [...]

Beginning of a New Semester

  As the first semester of the new school year begins, we are once again stuck to the confines of our bedrooms, participating in class via zoom, and the idea of “studio” takes a whole new meaning. I know I am most looking forward to the day when we will all be able to be [...]